Why Tamasha is a movie ahead of it’s time?

Tamasha Movie Review
Tamasha Movie Review

Tamasha Movie Review:

We all know about movies that are fabulous and legendary(As Barney Says it) but have not performed well at the box office. Some of these movies are Guide,Mera Naam Joker ,Andaaz apna apna(this still makes me sad) and many more.Tamasha is a movie which follows the same trend. People who had gone to the theatres thought that it would be a romantic comedy like Jab We Met or like Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani thinking of the two stars Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone and their awesome screen presence and chemistry even after their huge breakup.But Tamasha is not just a movie, it’s a poetry,an experience just like a red wine which keeps getting better as it gets old. More people (4.4 million people) have watched the movie on YouTube than in theatres.

Here,I will tell you the reasons why Tamasha is a movie which will gain cult status in the future.*Spoilers Ahead*

The plot- It starts with the story of a young boy, Ved (Ranbir Kapoor), whose penchant for listening to stories and  living the characters  in those stories, is  depicted beautifully. There is a certain pace at which the scenes unfold, and this is a striking feature of the movie. The journey soon moves ahead, and the next big moment is the point where he meets Tara (Deepika Padukone). They decide not to reveal their true identities and embark on a very small journey that changes their lives forever, after which they decide, not to meet ever again.
Tara senses the void that Ved’s departure has created in her life. A few years later, she meets him by chance, and confesses about her feelings to him. But after spending time with him, she realises that this is not the person she fell in love with, the person who used to be a free spirit, now leads a robotic life of getting up,doing brush,bathing,getting ready,stopping at the traffic,saying yes to his boss,do whatever his boss tells him,rinse,repeat.She rejects his proposal of marriage, and this gives rise to a whole gamut of emotions within Ved. He goes through a tough phase trying to manage his feelings, his job and all the frustration that plays on in his mind. This makes him introspect, and in the process he finds his true love and rediscovers his passion.

The dialogues-

1) Don…… ” – The Introduction
This is a very popular reference to Don starring Amitabh Bacchan and starts the full flirting and having fun in a beautiful location Corsica with an unknown person who is a woman professionally very successful, ambitious and open. They decide to celebrate their existence without any expectations, not judging each other, just becoming crazy and enjoying each other’s craziness. Not caring about societal rules.

Tamasha Movie Review
Tamasha Movie Review

2) Dekho boss, do raaste hain…ya toh majnu ban jao, kapde phaad k chillao raston par, ya phir stay cool. Toh pata hai kya? I’ll stay cool. Yeah…Its all good!”
“Waise bhi chalne wala tha nahi, jo baad mein hona tha abhi ho gaya. So, its fine. Tension gayi…Good! Set!”
This dialogue shows the midset of every person who goes through breakup and thinks he can handle it maturely and tries to hide their feelings but just lie to themselves and not expressing and letting it go what they feel.

3) The Rise And Frustration-“Bahut maza aa raha hai?? Haan…aa toh raha hai. Aur aage jo lagne wali hai? bahut karari? uska kya? Saale…ye din aa gaye? Ek ladki kya chhod gayi dimaag hi kharab ho gaya?”
This shows what a person goes through when a void is created that cannot be filled when a person whom you love so much breaks up with you and the frustration which builds up and this also shows that instead of sharing those feelings with our closed ones and friends we bury it inside us which is the reason for destroying us in the long run.

4) “Husna Haazir Hai Mohabbat ki Sazaa paane ko” – Ved (Ranbir) looks at himself in the mirror after the breakup and sings the first two lines from “Koi patthar se na maare…” – and literally transforms mid-song emotionally. It feels as chilly as one’s own reflection transforming in the mirror. The intensity again, is palpable.

5) Andar se koi aur hi hain hum sahab, aur bahar se majboor”.
This is the dialogue from the auto driver who is not pursuing his dreams of becoming a singer and instead driving auto to take care of his family just because his family didn’t allow him to pursue his dreams and marrying him at a very small age.This Scene shows Ved(Ranbir) what he is hiding in his heart and infact teaches everyone who watches the movie to pursue your dreams no matter how hard it is because if we don’t follow what we love we would be living a life which would just lead to death.So enjoy and live your life and follow your dreams,people.

6) Ved : “Tujhe toh pyaar ho gaya hai re paglii”
Tara : ” Haa,Haa Ved”
Ved : “Magar Kisi Aur se”
Boy! this scene is so intense, it gives me goosebumps everytime I see it – the tension in the moment – like a band stretched to its maximum, like a bomb about to explode. It also draws similarities from the iconic stills of Raj Kapoor and Nargiz- although in a completely different mood. Full marks to Imtiaz Ali, Ranbir and Deepika on achieving this highly under-rated moment of brilliance.This scene was shot in Social Cafe (Delhi People give it a cheers) and is the most heartbreaking scene that I have watched .It also gives us a good laugh when Ved says ” Apne sacche pyaar se dhoka,wait karo aayega ,Don Jarur Aayega” but also shows what happens when you are breaking up with the person whom you love and Deepika has done a brilliant performance. She hugs Ved with so much passion and puts his hand on his head in such a way that Ved feels like what am I doing with my life .She is definitely the person who loves me and I am hurting her by not following my own real self and then he leaves the cafe thinking that he would come back and find her once he finds his real identity.This scene also felt like Deepika was portraying what she felt in real life after breakup with Ranbir Kapoor .This scene is followed by one of the most romantic songs in Bollywood History,”Agar Tum Saath Ho” and A.R Rahman And Alka Yagnik And Arijit Singh have beautifully portrayed the scene with the song,its lyrics and its music.

Tamasha Movie Review
Tamasha Movie Review

7) This follows many countless poetries and dialogues by Ved when he goes to a Dhaba with the Auto Driver everyday and speaks stories from his real life which makes people in the Dhaba listen to him carefully and find it interesting which boosts Ved’s Confidence to follow his dream of becoming a story teller.

8) “Apni kahani mujh se pooch raha hai! Kayaar! Kisse darta hai?
Hai Kaun yaha? Tu bata kya hota hai aage
Kya hai Teri kahani.
Kya hai tere dil ke andar…
Bata kya hai tu?”
This scene deserves a special mention to Piyush Mishra who has perfectly portrayed the role of storyteller and acts with so much raw energy.This scene shows Ved that he knew all along what he wanted to do in his life but didn’t do so because of parental and societal pressure and when He finds Tara she sees what is inside him that no one ever saw and that’s why he fell in love with her.Then Veds empties his whole wallet because he cannot thank enough to the story teller about making him realise who he is.This follows by Sufarnama sung by the very talented Lucky Ali which shows that now Ved is free from Every pressure in his life and shows his care free spirit.

Acting :

Ranbir Kapoor has portrayed the roll of the protagonist Ved and is absolutely impeccable and gives the best performance of his life according to me( Sanju Is yet to come and we are all hyped) .He acts superb and his range of emotions from a flirt,chill guy to being serious in his life, to funky attitude in front of his boss at the time of firing, to shouting at Tara ,to explaining to his parents what he really wanted to do in his life deserved many accolades and awards and praising but Alas Bollywood and we people suck at giving attention to movies that really needed to perform well.

Deepika is the female lead and portrays the flirt,ambitious, easy going girl and performs exceptionally well in all her scenes.She also breaks the mindset of girl not approaching guy when Tara tells Ved that her meeting him is just not luck because she knew where he would come and that’s why she approaches him.She beautifully portrays Tara.Tara is Ved’s true love not just because they met and fell in love in Corsica. She saw who he really was and helped him re-discover his lost self. She did so at the peril of her own happiness and inner peace which can be seen clearly at the time of Agar Tum Saath Ho .That’s what one should do for the one they love.Full marks for her acting and she also deserved all the awards and appreciation but again Alas!

Piyush Mishra portrays the role of story teller and is just flawless.That’s what we deserved from theatre actor like him and Imtiyaz Ali did no mistake in taking him in the movie.

Javed Sheikh is brilliant in performing Ved’s father and perfectly portrays the role of a strict Indian classical father who say that nothing will happen by playing cricket or doing acting or playing other sports,etc and you can only earn well by studying and becoming engineer,doctor, lawyer,etc.

Direction :

We all have seen Imtiyaz Ali films and we all know his movies depict the discovery of the protagonist in very simple stories and he does the same with this one.Tamasha is a poetry which you will enjoy in every scene and may be cry at the very end like I did.The story is simple and we all know the end of this but the journey through which Imtiyaz takes us takes it to another level.He has made his actors do an excellent job and the screenplay is tight .It may be boring for some people but people who are fond of his movies will appreciate it.

Music :

A.R Rahman has again done wonders with this one and brings Different type of Chartbuster songs according to the scenes in the movie.Heer to Badi Sad Hai sung by Mika shows how Tara is struggling hard after leaving Ved.Matargashti Sung by Mohit Chauhan is a fun peppy number which shows the fun at the very beginning.Agar Tum Saath Ho Sung By Alka Yagnik and chorus sung by Arijit is one of the most romantic songs depicting the breakup.This song made many lovers and single people cry because they felt the absence of someone special in their lives.Safarnama shows the carefree attitude.But I would like to mention about Tu koi Aur Hai sung by A R Rahman which comes in the middle of scenes after Ved breaks up with Tara and shows that Ved wants to say this song to himself. The music in all deserved awards ,although it got the appreciation fron the audience it deserved.


Cinematography- The movie is shot in the exotic locations of Corsica and is shot brilliantly. The scenes make us feel like to pack bags and go on a solo trip or a trip with friends, loved ones so that we can enjoy the beauty which is called nature.Even after Corsica the scenes are shot perfectly showing emotions and beautifully shows our very own Shimla too.

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I am not a typical movie reviewer but this movie deserves appreciation and the cast and crew should be thanked for making this movie.And please don’t go after critics because after seeing this movie I felt all the critics are stupid who heavily criticized the movie because they were also thinking that it will be like Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani .Instead read quora or watch the movie by yourself and then decide whether you liked the movie or not .Don’t believe in friends or family because they may have a very different taste than you because I read many people who believed friends and didn’t go to watch the movie and regretted it later because it was such a beautiful movie.I would give Tamasha 5 stars. Go,and watch it by legal sources or by watching it on YouTube.

Written by – Harsh Ghawari


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