HOW! to get a good career and ..HOW!


3 different type of career choose which one is suitable for you…….


  • digital marketing(related tools,marketing skills)
  • software development(c,c#,java,python,.net,related framework,etc.)
  • tools optimization(maya,coral draw,photoshop,SAP, etc.)
  • web development(html,css,javascript,java,angularjs,php,etc.)
  • data base administrator(oracle,mysql,Bigdata,etc.)

if you have an  above these quality you can also do freelancing.


  •  keep practise in those field
  • always learn technique how to get better in that criteria.
  • never do work hard always do a smart work for get success earlier.
  • always take a healthy food avoid junk food.
  • the degree should be maintained.
  • always thing positive.


  • willingness mandatory.
  • you can do MBA in any reputed college.
  • do one thing just focused on prospectus never run behind data or a conclusion.
  • always thing what can i do for yourself to grooming according to market.


if you want to get a own career in these field…then follow the foot prints….

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