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Sanju Movie Review
Sanju Movie Review

Sanju Movie Review

Sanju Movie Review will be updated after release of movie.

Sanju Movie Trailer Review:

After a month after introducing the teaser which hyped all of us to what “Sanju” would be like and how amazing Ranbir Kapoor is looking and how it is so difficult to distinguish him from Sanjay Dutt ,the man on which the film is based,Rajkumar Hirani along with the cast and crew finally launched the trailer of Sanju and it hit us hard and was unbelievably trending on YouTube for 3 days.

In a 3 minute trailer,it all starts from Sanju talking that how much he is happy introducing his autobiography to his audience. Then,he starts his journey to how he became a drug addict,was a huge flirt and had more than 308 girlfriends excluding the prostitutes in a hilarious scene and also a drunkard and how he had fun with his Best Friend.

Sanju Movie Review
Sanju Movie Review

The trailer quickly becomes intense and shows how he was caught having Ak-47 and how he was treated by Police for his wrong doings and how was his life at the Jail.The movie also shows his relationship with one of his love interests which is portrayed by Sonam Kapoor and in an intense scene Sonam asks ,”Where is my bloody Mangalsutra?” and Sanju being a drug addict takes out the upper seat of a combod and puts it on Sonam as a garland showing that what had happened to him during those drug addiction days.

In The middle,Sanjay loses all his hope but his friend motivates him and a small part of “Har Har Maidan Fateh” is played which gives goosebumps.The trailer then shows Sanju calling himself not a terrorist and his lawyer asking him to admit the same.Paresh Rawal plays his father Sunil Datt and has shown his belief towards him that he will be a hit again and his Son will not be destroyed and will rise again.

The last sequence is a funny one where his director is asking him to come on set and Sanju is making excuses about how he will come late showing his non seriousness.

The trailer is an overall attempt to tell that Sanjay Dutt is not a terrorist and despite of having done mistakes and having imperfections is a good human being.Ranbir Kapoor has bared his soul into the character and his acting and looks very promising.We all are hyped to see him act in the movie. Paresh Rawal despite his powerful dialogues fails to impress us because he is not carrying the persona of Sunil Dutt.Other characters in the movie are Dia Mirza(playing Manyata Dutt),Anushka Sharma(probably Sanju’s Lawyer),Sonam Kapoor(Love Interest), Vicky Kaushal(best friend),Jim Sarbh,Manisha Koirala(playing Nargis Dutt) and Boman Irani.

Rajumar Hirani has said that he tries to show LSD(Laughter, Smiles,Drama) and we all hope to see much drama in this movie with small patches of laughter.I personally would be very happy if Rajkumar Hirani portrays the real truth about what happened in the Mumbai Blast and whether Sanjay Dutt had his links with Terrorist.

Sanju is all set to release on June 29 .




A biopic of the controversial life of actor Sanjay Dutt: his film career, jail sentence and personal life.

Sanju Movie Review
Sanju Movie Review

Releasing On:

29 June 2018


Rajkumar Hirani


Rajkumar HiraniAbhijat Joshi

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Written By Harsh Ghawari


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