Today is Friday 13th – know that people are afraid of this combination

fear of combination

fear of combination:(monday) This is Friday and Friday of July! And if you are wondering why this is important, then the answer is – Friday, 13th is often considered to be unfortunate by people with superstitions.

Some people have extremely superstitious about some things. These superstitious beliefs can either produce positive reactions or can cause completely negative thoughts and fear.

fear of combination

Of the most famous universal superstitious beliefs – Friday 13th special mention is available. And this is not the only Friday, 13th of this year. 13th of April was also Friday!

But why do people feel that this day is unfortunate?

According to a report in TIME, it is very difficult to identify the exact cause of this belief. However, according to a school of thought, the last dinner and 13 guests who were sitting on the table on Friday before the day, on which Jesus was crucified, could have been linked to it.

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Professor Dr. Phil Phil Stevens, an associate professor of human science at Buffalo University, quoted while quoting, “When these two incidents come together, then you are reconnecting at least one part of that terrible incident.”

On the related note, a post on shows that Judas Iscariot – the disciple who deceived Jesus Christ was the 13th person who took his seat on the table.

On this day people are not even chosen to book or occupy apartments or hotel rooms on this day. Many people avoid staying in the room at the 13th place.

Marriage usually does not happen on this day because people avoid it from fear.

There are no 13th floors in the tall buildings or the entire floor is kept empty.

On Friday 13th, many other unpleasant and unpleasant incidents occurred. And so fears

However, the interesting thing is that this day is considered to be very lucky and auspicious.

It just shows those diverse methods of looking at it. Everything about perception at the end of the day.


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