Every Programmer Should Know About These Things


Each Programmer Should Know about Memory

This is one of the exemplary article, which will take you through may paths of memory, some old, some new, some known and some obscure. Notwithstanding being so conman and inescapable, only one out of every odd programmer have enough learning of Memory. Learning of memory in current framework turns out to be much more essential on the off chance that you are in space of composing superior application. Equipment creators have concocted always advanced memory taking care of and increasing speed techniques–, for example, CPU caches– yet these can’t work ideally without some assistance from the programmer. I am as yet perusing this article, and I can’t disclose to you the amount I have gained from this about RAM, CPU Caches e.g. L1 and L2 reserve, distinctive sorts of memory, coordinate memory get to, memory controller outlines and Memory when all is said in done. To put it plainly, an absolute necessity read for programmers of all level of involvement.

Each Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic

Floating point math is a precarious subject, and it is difficult to ace. Indeed, even numerous Java programmer doesn’t realize what can turn out badly when contrasting buoy/twofold incentive with == operator. A considerable lot of us regularly commits error of doing money related count in buoy and twofold. This article is another diamond of this arrangement and must read for all product developers and programmers. As your experience develops, you are relied upon to know inconspicuous subtle elements of basic things, and floating point math is one of them. As senior Java developer, you should know how do perform money related estimation, when to utilize buoy, twofold or BigDecimal classes, how to round floating point numbers and so forth. Regardless of whether you know basics of floating point number juggling, You will discover some new information about floating point figuring by perusing this article.

Each Developer Should think about Unicode

Character encoding is another zone, where numerous programmer battles, and “The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets (No Excuses!)” means to fill that hole. On a side note, Yes that is the full title of that article. It was composed by Joel Spolsky, one of the organizer of statckoverflow.com. Joel has composed this post on his blog very nearly 10 years back, however it is as yet significant in this day and age.


This article will show you about What is Unicode, What is character encoding, how characters are spoken to utilizing bytes and substantially more. Extraordinary compared to other things about this article is dialect and stream, regardless of whether you don’t know anything about Unicode, you can without much of a stretch take after. So, one more should read for all programmers, coders and programming engineers.


Each Programmer Should think about Time

Aside from Character encoding, time and date is another zone, where numerous programmers battle, including me. Indeed, even senior developers lost between GMT, UTC, light sparing and between jump seconds. To be honest speaking, It’s difficult to manage time zones without committing any error, at that point include sunlight investment funds and impact of that. Issues turn out to be more terrible in the event that you utilizing experimentation technique since you will never ready to tackle your concern by doing that. There are such a significant number of things which can turn out badly and there is an equivalent number of misguided judgments. Things like, regardless of whether date contains time-zone or not can confound you like heck, changing over UNIX time to some other time-zone can crack you out, disregard clock synchronization and deferrals. I trust a considerable lot of your misguided judgment about time will leave and you will fabricate sound crucial about Time, by perusing this great article.

Each web developer must think about URL encoding

This article depicts basic confusions about Uniform Resource Locator (URL) encoding, at that point endeavors to illuminate URL encoding for HTTP, before introducing incessant issues and their answers. While this article isn’t particular to any programming dialect, it represents the issues in Java) and wrap up by disclosing how to settle URL encoding issues in Java, and in a web application at a few levels.


You will learn essentials of URL sentence structure, general URL language structure in HTTP and other convention. This article additionally investigates regular traps of URLs e.g. character encoding, saved character at the diverse piece of URL, and URL encoding/interpreting issues. In the event that you are a Java programmer, at that point you will likewise find out about how to deal with URLs in Java application, the correct way. Step by step instructions to develop URL and utilizing Apache hall HTTP customer library. At long last, it likewise proposes best practices or managing URLs e.g. you ought to encode URLs when you construct them, ensuring your URL-revise channels manage your URL effectively and substantially more. To put it plainly, an absolute necessity read article for any web developer and programmer.

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Each programmer should think about web improvement

Each Programmer and Devleper Should know Memory, Time, Date, String,UnicodeThis is an intriguing article from programmers stack trade, about what should each programmer executing the specialized points of interest of a web application consider before making the website open. This incorporates things extending from Interface plan and User Experience, Security, Web guidelines, Performance, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Technology included, and around a few essential assets. Since the present world is gigantically reliant upon web and programmer having their own webpage, a blog is very normal. Experience learned on this article won’t help in your expert work yet in addition in your own work. You will find out about all key innovation e.g. HTTP, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, programs similarity, tips to diminish stacking time of your site, XML sitemaps, W3C particulars and a few other key points of interest.

Each Programmer Should Know About SEO

This is another article, which is critical for web developers, programmers, and blogger. Website design enhancement is too huge to disregard since numerous programmers are likewise bloggers, it’s essential to learn couple of fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization to enable Google to locate their substance and present to other kindred programmers. Since no organization can make due without web nearness in the present between associated world, SEO turns out to be considerably more imperative.


On the off chance that you claim start-up, offering any item, at that point SEO is a remark about. All programmers, particularly web developers can to a great extent advantage from this article. Keep in mind, Search Engine Optimization is tremendous and exceptionally unique subject, and furthermore fluctuates between various web crawlers e.g. Google, Yahoo, and others. Along these lines, keeping in mind the end goal to ace this point you will dependably need to refresh your insight.

Each C Programmer Should Know About Undefined Behavior

C programming dialect have the idea of “indistinct conduct”. Indistinct conduct is a wide theme with a considerable measure of subtleties and that is one reason of Why I like Java, less number of unclear conduct, less disarray, greater security and more peace.


Numerous apparently sensible things in C really have unclear conduct, and this is a typical wellspring of bugs in programs. Past that, any vague conduct in C offers permit to the execution (the compiler and runtime) to deliver code that organizations your hard drive, does totally unforeseen things, or more awful. Read this phenomenal article to profound plunge on ocean of unclear conduct

Each Programmer Need to think about systems administration

From the article itself “You’re a programmer. Have you at any point considered how multi-player recreations function? From the outside it appears to be supernatural: at least two players sharing a predictable ordeal over the system like they really exist together in the same virtual world. Yet, as programmers we know reality of what is really going ahead underneath is very not quite the same as what you see. Things being what they are it’s each of the a hallucination.” This is exceptionally fascinating article about systems administration, composed for amusement programmers however I figure each programmer and developer can profit by this.

Each Java Developer Should Know about String

This is my article on java.lang.String and what I for one thing each Java programmer should think about it. String is essential in everyday programming in Java and that is the reason great learning is must for any Java developer.


This article touches numerous imperative zones of String including string pool, string strict, looking at String utilizing == versus breaks even with(), changing over bytes to String, Why String is changeless, legitimately connecting Strings and some more. Propelled programmer may definitely know every one of these stuffs yet and, after its all said and done it’s great to overhaul them.

Each programmer should think about security

This inquiry was ask by one PC programming understudy in StackOverFlow. Much the same as we take in a great deal about general programming ideas e.g. working framework, calculation, information structure, PC design, and other stuff, its additionally critical to think about security. In spite of the fact that Security is tremendous subject extending from encryption/unscrambling, SSL, web security, jumbling, validation, approval and so on, a fundamental least information is must for each programmer. I for one didn’t know much about Security when I began my vocation, its when I begin composing Servlet/JSP based Java web application, I come to think about web security and a few security dangers like SQL Injection, Denial of Service, XML Injection, Cross webpage scripting and others. As Java developer, now I take after secure Java coding rehearses gave by invigorate, PMP and other static code investigation suppliers. This article is great accumulation of subjects and connections about Security and whether you are doing coding or not, you will unquestionably profit by this asset.

Latency Numbers Every Programmer Should Know

This is the reward article, however should read for each Programmer. With a specific end goal to compose superior application in any programming dialect e.g. Java or C++, you should know major inertness numbers e.g. how much time it take to peruse a variable from memory, from L1 Cache, from L2 store, from arbitrary read in SSD and from plate. How much time it take to bolt open on mutex, to send

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