Investigate the Interwebz: 30 Internet Slang Terms for Internet Noobs

Internet Slang

30 Essential Internet Slang Words and Phrases in English

A couple of sites have their own particular phrasing, shortened forms and Internet slang. Twitter and Reddit, two online networking sites, are two major locales that utilization their very own great deal internet slang.

— On Twitter—

1. Hashtag(Internet Slang)

Numerous sites and online journals utilize labels to make it simpler to scan for content. At the point when Twitter initially turned out, it didn’t have the choice to include these labels. Individuals who utilized Twitter chose to make their own specific manner of labeling their posts: the hashtag.

Hashtags utilize the # image before the watchwords, which are composed without spaces. The hashtag has ventured into whatever is left of the Internet, and doesn’t just exist on Twitter now.

One case of a prevalent hashtag is #TBT, which remains for Throwback Thursday. People share old things from their childhoods (remember phone ropes and dial-up modems?) and use that hashtag. #TBT is used on other internet organizing locales likewise, even on days other than Thursday.

Here you’ll see a case with the entertaining hashtag #ICanEatWhateverIWant.


2. DM (Direct Message)

An immediate message, or DM, is a term utilized on Twitter for a private correspondence with somebody. Every client has a “Messages” page where they can read and send guide messages to different clients.

The word is additionally utilized as a verb, as appeared in the case beneath.


Internet Slang DM of twitter

3. RT (Retweet)

A retweet on Twitter is the point at which somebody imparts your tweet to their adherents. Retweeting something implies you like what that individual stated, concur with it or have a comment.


Gracious my gosh! Beyoncé just retweeted my tweet!! I can’t trust it!

— On Reddit—

4. AMA (Ask Me Anything)

The AMA was first made prominent on the sharing discussion and group, Reddit. Another way to say “Ask Me Anything,” an AMA is the point at which somebody, normally understood or from a fascinating foundation, goes on the web and answers questions postured by the group.


Indeed, even President Obama has completed an AMA!

In the event that you utilize Reddit, you’ll see bunches of different shortened forms, for example, ELI5 (Explain Like I’m 5), IIRC (If I Recall Correctly) and TIL (Today I Learned).

— On Forums—

A gathering is a remark board where individuals examine distinctive points. Discussions have their own particular Internet slang as well!

5. Bump(Internet Slang)

In gatherings, subjects are typically recorded in the request of the last remark got. In the event that they move too far down the rundown, they get onto the second page, and are not as prone to be seen.

When you need to push a point back to the highest priority on the rundown, you “knock” the theme by simply expressing “bump” as another remark.


Despite everything I don’t realize what sort of bug I found in my sink. Bump!

6. Troll(Internet Slang)

On the web, trolls are individuals who take delight from beginning differences and irritated individuals. Trolls normally post or react to remarks in a way that will bother or outrage the a great many people conceivable.

There’s an expression on the web, “Don’t nourish the trolls.” This implies you shouldn’t cooperate with somebody who is “trolling,” since it will just support them.

You ordinarily discover trolls hanging out on discussions, however they can be anyplace on the web, from your Facebook, to the remarks segment on a news article.


A: Someone cleared out a mean remark on my blog entry.

B: Ignore him, he’s simply trolling you.

7.Lurker(Internet Slang)

This is somebody who visits a gathering, blog or site frequently, yet doesn’t leave any remarks. The word can be utilized as a part of disconnected discussions as well—”to lurk” intends to stow away simply far away.


I truly need my lurkers to remark, so I will have a giveaway on the blog!

8. Meme(Internet Slang)

“Meme” has been around longer than the Internet. Outside the Internet, the word portrays a piece of culture that created on the grounds that it was passed on starting with one individual then onto the next, normally by impersonation. An meme can be a thought, a tune, a picture—anything that can be passed on and modified.

On the web, however, an meme is a picture, content or video that is duplicated and altered again and again. More often than not, individuals add their own particular amusing change to the picture or content.

You’ve presumably as of now observed a couple of images, as Grumpy Cat or Confession Bear.

In case you don’t know what a specific image implies, you can see data about it at Know Your Meme.


Internet Slang Meme

At the point when the vocalist Drake discharged his silly music video for “Hotline Bling,” it promptly turned into an image. Individuals replicated and spoofed (ridiculed) the video with their own senseless recordings and vines (short recordings).

9. Facepalm(Internet Slang)

A facepalm is where you put the palm of your hand all over. This is normally done in light of somebody saying something exceptionally clear or not extremely shrewd.


An: I simply understood the Apple logo resembles an apple!

B: … *Facepalm*

10. Epic fall flat(Internet Slang)

When somebody flops, normally because of an effectively stayed away from botch, individuals online call it an “epic come up short.” “epic” really alludes to old lyrics and stories that portrayed the long and magnificent undertakings of unbelievable saints.

Today we utilize “epic” to discuss anything immense or vital, similar to that epic sandwich we ate the previous evening.


Did that person simply crash his bicycle into the main tree in the city? What an epic fall flat.

11. All the things(Internet Slang)

This expression originates from a blog entry on Hyperbole and a Half, where the blogger portrays why she will never be a grown-up. One of the pictures has a triumphant (extremely glad and pleased) young lady, and says “Clean All the things!”

Internet Slang All the Things

Presently this expression is utilized as an overstatement (misrepresentation), and typically resembles “X all the Y”: Eat every one of the pizzas, get all the Pokemon, breeze through every one of the tests. It’s really another image!


When I get rich I will purchaseAll the houses. Every one of them.

12. I can’t even(Internet Slang)

This is another method for saying “I’m dumbfounded.” This expression is utilized when something is so fantastic or mind boggling that you have no words to react with.

Linguistically, this isn’t a total sentence or thought, however on the Internet it’s utilized as one. In some cases this expression is matched with “truly,” as in, “Actually, I can’t even” or “Truly, I can’t.”


What simply happened?! I can’t even.

13. Well played(Internet Slang)

When somebody has an exceptionally smart reaction, you can state “Well played.” In ordinary discussion what might as well be called this is stating “touche.”

“Well played” can likewise be utilized when somebody demonstrates you wrong in an undeniable way.


A: This is the best Tuesday ever!

B: Today’s Wednesday.

A: … Well played.


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14. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Numerous sites have a FAQ area. It’s where they answer often made inquiries, or inquiries which are asked a ton.

The expression “FAQ” isn’t utilized regularly in discussions, however it’s great to know for exploring sites.


FluentU has a truly great and extensive FAQ!

15. Totes/Adorbs(Internet Slang)

“Totes” and “adorbs” are abbreviated renditions of “absolutely” and “delightful.” It’s a charming method for saying those words, however utilized for the most part by more youthful females.


That sack is adorbs, you should totes get it.

16. Just sayin'(Internet Slang)

This expression is utilized toward the finish of a sentence to demonstrate that it’s not really what you accept. Commonly, it’s an approach to convey an impolite or mean sentence, and influence it to appear to be less inconsiderate.


You appear as though you haven’t dozed in days! Just sayin‘…

17. Pwned(Internet Slang)

Generally utilized as a part of web based diversions, “pwned” is a deliberate incorrect spelling of “claimed.” Both imply that somebody got vanquished or mortified.


I examined so hard yet at the same time got a F… that test pwned me.

18. Lag(Internet Slang)

Regardless of whether you’re sufficiently fortunate to have an enduring Internet association or an extraordinary PC, you’ve likely experienced slack. Slack is the point at which a PC application is ease back to react, or some other gadget backs off on account of a poor association or old equipment (PC parts).

The term is frequently utilized when recordings or internet recreations are too moderate/rough to demonstrate what’s going on continuously.

“Lag” is additionally utilized outside of the Internet, to mean a similar thing: to fall behind, or to go slower than every other person.


I could have gotten an astounding photograph of a butterfly, yet my camera application lagged and the butterfly took off..

19. Noob(Internet Slang)

Somebody who is new to something, a fledgling. Noob can be a mean method for saying somebody insensible in regards to a theme or isn’t great at something, or it can be an approach to clarify that you’re new and don’t know much yet. You may likewise observe it composed as “newb” or “n00b” (with the number zero utilized as the letter “o”).


It would be ideal if you pardon my English abilities, I’m only a noob.

20. TBH (To Be Honest)

The expression “frankly” can be utilized on or disconnected similarly. It’s a filler expression, which means it doesn’t generally add anything to the sentence you’re going to state.

However, many individuals utilize it when they feel like what they’re going to state is additional legitimate, something they truly accept, or something they’ve pondered completely before saying.


I’ve never viewed the first Star Wars set of three, TBH.

21. IMHO (In My Humble Opinion)

“As I would see it,” or just “as I would see it” can be utilized before expressing your assessment on an issue being talked about. Including “humble” influences the assessment to appear to be less vital or huge.


IMHO, Cher is as yet the best artist.

22. Photobomb(Internet Slang)

When somebody or something shows up in a photograph out of the blue, without the picture taker significance to incorporate it. There are many pictures online where creatures photobombed individuals taking pictures.

Some of the time individuals will photobomb others’ photos intentionally by making sneaking into the photo at last, as in this one.


This would have been an extraordinary picture if that winged animal hadn’t photobombed it finally!

23. Spam(Internet Slang)

Spam is a kind of email (and standard mail) which isn’t important or individual to you. Spam messages are normally irritating notices that you never needed to get. Most spam is sifted through by email suppliers—like Google and Yahoo—into a different “Spam” organizer.


I’m sitting tight for an imperative email yet all I continue getting rather is spam.

24. Trending(Internet Slang)

A pattern is what is prevalent or in vogue right now. When something is inclining on the web, it’s famous and has many individuals discussing it. What’s inclining on the web and via web-based networking media is continually changing, and is generally impacted by current occasions and popular culture.


Twitter and numerous news locales have a “now trending” area, where you can see the most well known themes or watchwords at the present time!

25. Handle/Alias(Internet Slang)

Additionally called a “username,” your handle or nom de plume is the epithet you decide for a site. This is the name that is obvious to others, rather than your genuine name.

Both “handle” and “pseudonym” are words from customary English, and they mean a similar thing: a name that you take rather than your own particular to ensure your character. You may have heard these words utilized as a part of a government operative film.


I needed to influence my Twitter handle @JamesBlondDoubleOhSeven yet it was at that point taken.

26. Haha(Internet Slang)

This is precisely what is resembles—giggling! Haha, its detestable cousin “mwahaha” and the tummy chuckle “bahaha” are all methods for composing giggling in English.

Since you can’t see others when they compose, stating “haha” is a decent method to demonstrate that you’re clowning, or think something is entertaining.


My feline is endeavoring to fit inside the grain box hahaha!

27. IRL, (in actuality)

When you’re looking at something that exists disconnected, you can utilize IRL to signify, “all things considered.”


My screen name is DoctorAwesome on the grounds that I’m a specialist IRL.

28. NSFW (Not Safe For Work)

NSFW is utilized as a notice before a connection that contains anything that would not be alright to take a gander at in case you’re grinding away. These connections for the most part contain nakedness or explicit symbolism, or just have reviling or whatever else you presumably wouldn’t need your supervisor to see you taking a gander at.


This is an extraordinary article about Victoria’s Secret models. NSFW!

29. TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read)

Online remarks are typically short, as in a discussion. At the point when a remark is long, individuals may react by saying “TL;DR” or only “TLDR” for, “too long; didn’t read.” This implies the individual simply skimmed the remark (or is simply calling attention to that it’s long).

This articulation has now moreover transform into a way to deal with abbreviate what you’re expressing. In case you make a long article or comment, you can incorporate a TLDR toward the end with a one sentence framework of what you made beforehand.


TLDR: This article is about English Internet slang.

30. OTL

This is a fun one fundamentally because it took me generally to grasp what this was short for. Actually, it’s not an abbreviated frame by any extend of the creative energy—it’s an emoji (an image used to show an enunciation or feeling).

It’s a man bowing on the floor, and is utilized to indicate dissatisfaction or edginess. His head is the “O” on the left, his arms are the stem of the “T,” with his back to finish everything, and the “L” are his bowing legs.


Some person ate the last treat…. OTL

Directly you’re equipped with a substantial number of the articulations, abbreviated structures and other English words you may go over on the web. Online English is ceaselessly changing, yet it’s definitely not hard to investigate anything you don’t get it!

Take in these 30 words and you’ll be one bit nearer to understanding English speakers on the web.

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