What is the full form of OK, these inquiries were asked in IAS exams

full form of OK
full form of OK

Parchment kmr: Hello companions, I invite you again to your most loved channel.Ok Companions today for you I have thought of some more personality hurling and intriguing inquiries which will clearly help you in every single aggressive exam which are exceptionally hard to qualify. In the event that you are searching for any sort of government work take after this page to remain refreshed. Companions in this channel we present to you the most widely recognized inquiry in various occupation exams crosswise over india. Our point is to make instruction and knowlege simple and free. So lets start:

full form of OK
full form of OK

Question: Name the individual who is known as “Holy person of Gutters”?

Reply: Mother Teresa

Question: Taj Mahal is in India, Emperial Palace is in?

Reply: Japan

Question: longest stream on the planet is?

Reply: Nile (Africa)

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Question: which is the biggest new water lake in India?

Reply: Wular lake (Jammu and Kashmir)

Question: Which is the coldest place in the World?

Reply: Verkhoyansa (Siberia)

Question: Zakir Hussain is acclaimed for which melodic instrument?

Reply: Flute

Question: What is the Full type of OK?

Reply: Oll Korrect ( Which implies All Correct)

Companions that was for now, I’m certain that you have discovered the oversight. The truth of the matter is that one of the appropriate response given above isn’t right. On the off chance that you found that, endeavor to give the right answer in the remark segment underneath. In the event that you like these inquiries and like this new technique for training, please let me know and for any proposals, you are welcome. If it’s not too much trouble make a point to share this post and tap on take after and  catch underneath.



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