What is Hacking :Types of hackers – Read Here For More Info

What is Hacking
What is Hacking

What is Hacking:

We are writing this blog to explain you what is hacking and some types of hackers. Hacking in Networking and Computing means access to another network or computer without having any technical effort. Hacking is called unauthorized intrusion on any computer or network in which hacking is called hacker and it accesses illegally distant computer or network without any permission. This hacker once changes the security features of the system or network to complete its goal after accessing the system.

What is Hacking
What is Hacking

In the earlier time, the word “hacking” was used for constructive or clever technical work. (There was no need for hacking use for computer systems) but today Hacking Whistle Hackers is associated with malicious programming attacks on most of the term, some of the wrong computer related activity or internet \ network.

Ethical hacking: Hacking is considered to be serious crimes in many countries. If the hacking is done by requesting an organization through the permission of a contract (which is legal) then it is called legal, the term of the ethical hacker is used for the avam hacker. This is legal because ethical hacker has authorization to examine the target.

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How many types of hackers:

Black hat hacker:

Black-hat hackers are the most discussed in media. Black hat hackers are those hackers that break rules for personal purposes and illegally break other computer security. Example – Theft of someone else’s credit card number, breaking a computer network for money. These are also called Cracker.

White Hat Hackers:

White hat hackers are counted for good people, they are those hackers that access the system to fix the computer’s weakness, or are those computer security experts, which are * Entry testing is specialize in other methods, but always ensures that company’s information and systems are safe.This hacker is totally opposite to black-hat hackers and uses its exprties and abilities for good, ethical, and legal purposes, and not for any bad, unethical, or criminal purposes. These are also called ethical hackers.

Gray hat:

These hackers are in the category of white and black hat hackers, but they break the computer system without any authority, so that the system owner can reveal them weaknesses. Whether these hackers break the system for some good work, but still the activity is illegal as the permission for the permission of the owner is broken.

Script kiddies:

These are hackers which do not have too much technical experts but they do hacking while using others’ tools.



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