Which type of girl irritate you most?

type of irritating girls

Type of irritating girls

One of my friends had some problems with his boy and I went to flat to stay with him. I stayed there for 2 days. he told me all his problems and i found out some same problems which girls have so here i am going to share type of irritating girls-

type of irritating girls

After a few days I was trying to reach him to see him but his number was not accessible and he was inactive on Instagram so I was worried and invited my boy to hide him.

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And he wrote to not interfere in his affairs. I thought he was sad and I kept quiet.

Yesterday he uploaded a photo with his boy in the situation of Whatsapp, I wrote it and he responded in this way.

The behavior of such girls makes me most upset. Whenever they argue with their people to share their thoughts and sadness, they want us. Once they get patch, they do not even care.

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