Tim Cook Is Not The Highest Paid Employee Of Apple





There are different purposes for the high as can be accomplishment of this organization and one is that they truly value crafted by their representatives and give them decent money related advantages.

An astounding reality with respect to the compensation arrangement of organization has turned out as of late and is giving all the explanation behind being shocked to netizens.

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It has been accounted for in the most recent filings of the organization that the CEO, Tim Cook isn’t the most generously compensated individual in the organization yet it is the senior VP of retail and online stores, Angela Ahrendt.

The most recent filings of Apple propose that Angela got an installment of $24.2 million (Rs 154,49,40,100) in 2017 which is twice contrasted with CEO Tim Cook who earned $12.8 million (Rs 81,71,58,400). Be that as it may, the above-shared pay does exclude an offer honor that Cook got in 2011, which compares to about £66.4 million (Rs 572,83,85,082).


The obligations of Angela incorporate caring for procedure, land and improvement, and operations of Apple’s physical stores, online store, and contact focuses.

In 2017, she got a pay of $1 million (Rs 6,38,40,500). Aside from this, she was additionally paid $20 million (Rs 127,68,10,000) in stock, $3.1 million (Rs 19,79,05,550) in execution pay, and $88,000 (Rs 56,17,964) in other pay.

What’s more, to finish up, this isn’t the first occasion when that Angela has been paid more than Cook. She is getting more pay each year since as far back as she joined Apple in 2014 and left the profile of chief and CEO at extravagance form mark Burberry.

Isn’t that astounding?

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