Things You Should Know about Insomnia


Know how to fight insomnia: A good night’s sleep keeps many ailments at bay.People who don’t get enough sleep feel drowsy, depressed, irritable and even suicidal. Sleep deprivation affects decision-making abilities too. Learn how to deal with insomnia.

#1 Heal and repair to deal with insomnia

InsomniaPeople who don’t get enough sleep risk developing cardiovascular illness, high blood pressure and renal problems, say experts. Lack of sleep can also lead to weight gain. Insomniacs eat more due to decrease in leptin (the hormone that helps to suppress our appetite) level and an increase in ghrelin (the hormone that stimulates our appetites) level.

#2 Athletic performance to deal with insomnia

InsomniaGood sleep is important for sportspersons. It helps to increase speed, react quickly and more precisely.

#3 Repair muscles to deal with insomnia

InsomniaSleep is necessary for children’s growth. Adults need it to repair damaged muscles. Besides, sleep boosts immune system, which in turn boosts energy level. Sleep also affects glucose and insulin levels. Sleeplessness can also cause diabetes.

#4 Daily routine to deal with insomnia

InsomniaSleeplessness can be as dangerous as drunk driving. It causes loss of concentration, which may lead to road accidents during driving and may disturb routine work.

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#5 Lighter meal to deal with insomnia


If you have trouble falling asleep, avoid using a computer, or a smartphone 30 minutes to an hour before going to bed. This is because our body needs to relax before falling asleep.

Exercises during the day and taking lighter meals in evening will ensure a good night’s rest. Also, avoid caffeine and nicotine in evenings as both are stimulants that keep us awake.

#6 Avoid alcohol to deal with insomnia


Alcohol disrupts sleeping patterns. It is best to avoid alcohol for four to six hours before bedtime. Excessive consumption of alcohol can cause other side effects.

#7 All-nighters to deal with insomnia


Avoid all-nighters when you have to study or meet a deadline next day, as late night activities drain our mental and physical energy. A person doesn’t feel fit and is unable to concentrate on work next day.

#8 Don’t take nap to deal with insomnia


Napping during the day disrupts sleep schedules. People who need a nap should just take one a day. More naps during the day will prevent enough sleep at night.

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