How many times can you fall in love?


Do young individuals concur, or do they put stock in their one true love? We were shocked…

At the point when Aamir Khan said in Dil Chahta Hai that he couldn’t remain to have a similar sweetheart for over two weeks, jabbing fun at Saif – ‘Tera kya hai … aaj Pooja, kal koi dooja’, individuals dismissed it as a reality of young individuals’ lives today. Be that as it may, Aamir stated, in a genuine vein after he discovered love again with Kiran Rao and wedded her, that love could happen ordinarily. Does Gen I concur? You’d be astounded …

Love can happen ordinarily :

Such a great amount for alternate points of view – Kartik Chachra, a product designer, puts it like this. “In case I’m sitting among a group of folks, I would state, ‘Love can happen relatively regular’, however in the event that I’m conversing with an imminent sweetheart, I will demand, ‘Love can happen once and just once.'” But one a more genuine note, he says, “I don’t accept there is just a single individual and stuff, and that fate thing.”

There are numerous like him who concede they are inclined to visit sentimental captivations – proposing to the contrary sex jokingly and breaking up as well – and not inspired by ‘saath jeeyenge saath marenge’ kind of relationships.


Manan Chawla, a DU understudy, thinks that love can occur the same number of times as you need. “Also, for me, love is synonymous with ‘captivation’. The ‘somebody some place made for you’ is surely not for me.” But rather don’t they see their future with their unique somebody? “In the event that you discover a young lady appealing, you won’t invest energy pondering regardless of whether you will wind up wedding her. Honestly, itna time kiske paas hai? Aur kal ka kya pata? Do you even know whether you will be alive tomorrow? Things being what they are, the reason squander your opportunity? Simply ahead and date her, on the off chance that it works out, awesome, on the off chance that it doesn’t, proceed onward,” he contends.

It’s a part of life :

Keep in mind those occasions when a fizzled relationship would demonstrate deplorable for the couple? That is old history now. Undergrad Palak Sekhri concurs. “Individuals are progressively tolerating the way that break-ups and hook-ups are a piece of life. Ho gaya toh ho gaya, is mein senti hone ki kya baat hai?” she says.

A couple even feel that becoming hopelessly enamored more than once is very typical. Deepti Sharma, MA understudy in DU says, “Every one of those who trust love happens just once, are passing by their social molding. In any case, on the off chance that we take a gander at it psychologically, an individual can fall for any number of potential mates. In this way, I concur with Aamir.”

They all concur that lonely love is old fashioned as well, as is being the quiet companion, content with friendship. They want to admit their emotions. Priyanka Tagore, an understudy of Venkateswara College, has a fascinating take – she says you can go begin to look all starry eyed at ordinarily – with the ‘wrong individuals’, till you locate the ‘right one’. “Love can happen ordinarily. In the event that you experience passionate feelings for and the individual ends up being the wrong one for you, you can’t drive yourself to keep cherishing him, since you trust that love just happens once. You can go gaga for 20 wrong individuals till you locate the correct one whom you’re the most good with. Every relationship is an ordeal and you should gain from it.”

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Be that as it may, is this an adolescent thing? Do more established individuals, who have experienced numerous relationships, think any in an unexpected way? Says VJ and DJ Nikhil Chinappa, “As I would see it, you can be in a ‘condition of love’ commonly. In any case, true love happens just once. On the other hand, it’s much the same as espresso – to every hi claim. You can like a cappuccino or a mocha!” And VJ-turned-performing artist Rannvijay concurs, “I have faith in it as well. We live in a time where you can fall all through love every now and again. Today, it’s like ‘It was extraordinary as long as it endured. Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to proceed onward.’ I likewise trust it’s anything but difficult to discover somebody to date, yet it’s exceptionally hard to discover somebody you can love.”


One love, or more? :

There’s no standard formula for love, everybody concurs. While some trust in beginning to look all starry eyed at first sight, there are other people who have confidence in the experimentation method of finding true love.

True love :

There are a couple of still, who feel that there is one true love. Kunal Gambhir, deals official in a hospitality group, says, “What happens more than once isn’t love. You can begin to look all starry eyed at just a single individual. In any case, indeed, fascination in more than one is conceivable. Take the instance of my cousin – he was in a relationship with a young lady for a long time, however the moment the young lady’s folks declined to take it any further, he broke up with her and found another. Also, it didn’t take him over 10 days to become hopelessly enamored with another young lady. Aaj kal break-up hone ke baad koi dukhi nahin hota, sab agle hi din doosra partner dhoondne mein busy ho jaate hain.”

Meenakshi Sindhi, who works in an outsourcing and counseling organization, says, “Love can happen commonly, however true love can happen just once. I have seen individuals around me fall all through love as much of the time as they would, say, move out of occupations or purchase another phone – now and again, you stay with one for a long time, and now and again, you locate another and better one and don’t think about the past one. Be that as it may, I would by and by sit tight for the one love I can possibly imagine.”

Numerous take motivation from love stories that have finished the trial of time. Parikrama band part Srijan Mahajan’s folks began to look all starry eyed at when they were 19, are still attached. “Indeed, even I am in a relationship by and by. And everything I can state is that true love isn’t dead. It is especially alive,” he demands.

Pyar ka super-hit formula :

…nahin hota. That is the thing that every one of them concur on. They disdain every one of the speculations appended to this feeling, demanding that love can’t be summed up. On-screen character Minissha Lamba feels, “Love is an amusing feeling. There is no formula. In case you’re one of the fortunate few to discover love, hold on to it.” To entirety it up, Rhema Baxter, a MA understudy at Hansraj College, cites Shakespeare, “Love is a state of the psyche, where the brain is out of condition.”

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