What To Do When A Girl Rejects Your Proposal?


I was as of late gotten some information about the most ideal approach to react when a girl rejects you, and this is really an awesome inquiry that gets to the core of being an appealing man.

Comprehend: conquering dismissal isn’t tied in with “hiding any hint of failure confront”, but instead, being certain about your identity and tolerating the dangers that accompany following what you need.


When you feel this certainty, you’ll enable yourself to go out on a limb in your social life.

What’s more, obviously, dangers prompt prizes.

However, I’m speculating you’re here on the grounds that you as of now got rejected.

How did this happen? All things considered, when you feel dread and anxiety, you don’t approach or raise unhesitatingly, and your apprehension makes her vibe awful. This is the main driver of generally dismissal.

I once took a cruiser hustling lesson, and the mentor said something that I’ll always remember: certainty is unsurprising outcomes.

So how might I enable you to get unsurprising outcomes? All things considered, we should take a gander at the diverse kinds of dismissal you may face, and discuss handle each of them

Since once you think about the majority of the diverse things that can happen and are set up for them there is never again anything to fear.

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Also, in the event that you get further into our preparation, you’ll build up an unbreakable attitude that will enable you to snicker despite dismissal.

Things being what they are, this being the situation what is the correct reaction when a lady rejects you?

The simple answer is to state “haha, great to converse with you as well… ” and afterward to leave. However, there are a considerable measure of circumstances where dismissal isn’t too obvious and you are in reality happier endeavoring to keep it together and check whether she is trying you.

So the principal activity is to make sense of what sort of dismissal you are managing here.


#1 – Evil And Cold-Blooded : 

Have you at any point strolled up to a hot young lady who was remaining at the bar, said your agreeable opening line and got a reaction like “why are you conversing with me” or “man stop” or and still, after all that exemplary “F*ck off”? Contingent upon where your head is at, this sort of dismissal can come as a significant blow.

Fortunately these discourteous expulsions are uncommon and your reaction to them is an easy decision. You simply grin, snicker, and say “astonishing”. Demonstrate her – and yourself – that you observe her discourteousness to be charming and diverting.

It is essential not to get annoyed or to influence it to resemble this has staged you in any capacity on the grounds that if there are some other ladies around that you need to converse with you don’t need them to realize that you got all butt hurt in light of some discourteous young lady.

(NOTE: If you are getting an unfeeling dismissal reaction under 3% of the time you are likely fine. Sadly there are a sure number of ladies out there who are out and out discourteous. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you get this reaction all the more frequently at that point there is presumably something about what you are doing that ladies are discovering horrible and you have to settle that.)

#2 – Lukewarm Rejection :

More often than not when a lady turns you down she will do it in a genuinely delicate way. For example she’ll converse with you for a sec and after that resemble, “y’know what I must run, pleasant conversing with you” and afterward she takes off. or on the other hand maybe you approach her at a bar yet she continues swinging to her companions and overlooking you.

I think that its difficult to turn these circumstances around, in light of the fact that if she’s rejected you along these lines, it implies you’re not making her vibe great – and when she’s out to have a fabulous time, she needs to rest easy.


rejectionSo your best choice is to grin, advise her “pleasant to converse with you,” and plan to return to later. Run have a ton of fun with your mates for a bit, build up some social force, and after that go to her with some positive vitality.

What’s more, in the event that you sensed that you had a shot and you couldn’t think less about getting a more grounded dismissal, you could state something like “Look, we’re two outsiders however you never realize what astonishing things could happen – and I’d love to become more acquainted with you better… Give me your number and I guarantee I’ll just content you twenty times each day”. I like this approach, since it demonstrates that you’re somewhat of a sentimental, unafraid of dismissal, and that you go for what you need.

Furthermore, that last piece about just messaging her twenty times each day is going to flippantly demonstrate her that you’re not some insane stalker fellow.

#3 – Testing Rejection :

An incongruent dismissal happens when you were conversing with a young lady who appeared into you yet then she discloses to you that it’s a “no-go”. Possibly she’ll disclose to you that she has a sweetheart or that you simply aren’t her compose.

This sort of dismissal is really a standout amongst the most troublesome for folks to manage in light of the fact that exactly when you think you are going to get some place with a young lady it feels like you got the mat hauled out from under you.

My proposal when you meet with this sort of dismissal is to push on and continue taking the plunge at any rate. A great deal of times this is the thing that I call “counterfeit dismissal” since it’s extremely only an endeavor to perceive how intrigued and certain you are.

In the event that you surrender at the main indication of protection, you come up short the test.

So a considerable measure of times pushing through will really get you the young lady, in addition to as a reward you will turn out to be more certain in light of the fact that you will prepare yourself to gaze dismissal in the face and not down from it.

I recall a period when I ran for a kiss with a young lady, and she dismissed and said “no, we have similar companions, it will be unbalanced.”

I answered “I couldn’t care less about our companions, I think about you, and it’ll be astonishing”.

Also, obviously we kissed each other.

Ladies locate this sort of strength extremely appealing. As I say in a large number of our top notch instructional classes, “there’s nothing more stimulating for a lady than to be wanted by a man who she esteems.”

#4 – Not That Into You :

This is the most noticeably awful. You’ve become more acquainted with her, and perhaps taken her out on the town or two. At that point she comes around and reveals to you she’s “simply not that into you”

Generally, this is on the grounds that her underlying sentiments about you have changed. She had a decent impression, however then you got poor, or unreliable, or you weren’t as fun or attractive as she thought.

You CAN turn this around – I call it “resetting impression” – and I show it in my Girlfriend Activation System course. Here’s the manner by which it works:

You “acknowledge” that you’ve been incidentally dismissed. Try not to get obnoxious or destitute about it. Rather, begin treating her like a companion.

You begin “surrounding” her as sexually unpracticed. In the event that you do this as I instruct, at that point she’ll need to demonstrate to you that she’s not unpracticed.

You have the “50 Shades of Gray” discussion that I instruct in the Girlfriend Activation System.

When you take after these means, ladies will acknowledge what an error they made, and will frequently work hard to demonstrate their sexual ability to you.

#5 – Self-Imposed :

I’ve trained such a large number of men who decline to approach or raise things with a lady they need.

It’s SO pitiful, in light of the fact that I guarantee you: she’s sitting tight for you to raise.

Also, look – on the off chance that you don’t heighten, at that point you’ll wind up in the companion zone in any case… it’s essentially similar to dismissing yourself.

So don’t give negative self-talk a chance to overcome you. Go for what you need – you just have one life to live, and in the event that you let dread and self-question shield you from going for what you need, you’re passing up a major opportunity for a portion of the best encounters you could have.

I pondered this a great deal when I was figuring out how to surf. There would be waves that were greater than I felt OK with. Furthermore, on the off chance that you’ve at any point surfed, you realize that the physical agony of getting held down under a major wave is truly frightening!

It made them think – what’s more regrettable: physical agony, or passionate torment?

When you go for a major wave and fizzle, it can prompt some quite exceptional physical torment… and that more often than not can’t be controlled.

Be that as it may, when you go for a young lady and get rejected, the enthusiastic torment is absolutely under your control. It’s all by they way you outline it and manage it.

Everybody faces dismissal and disappointment in life – that is simply part of the amusement. In case you’re not going for broke, you’re not going to score those enormous waves and flawless ladies!

In any case, now you know the sorts of dismissal you can look with ladies, and how to deal with them.

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