Facts about the lovely island Andaman Nicobar

andaman nicobar islands
andaman nicobar islands

ANDAMAN-NICOBAR-ISLANDS-Andaman Nicobar Islands is such a piece of India where the greater part of the clans and there are such a significant number of spots where confined for everyday citizens to enter. So today I will educate you concerning the astounding actualities about the Union region of India called Andaman Nicobar which may take your breath away.

andaman nicobar islands


Andaman Nicobar is a piece of India in the south-east district of India and it gives a security support to India. The northern clans of Andaman Nicobar with name Jarawas remains without wearing garments and they are known to be exceptionally unsafe.

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Indeed, even today there are such huge numbers of magma mountains in Andaman Nicobar. The cell correctional facility of Andaman Nicobar was particularly prominent once a period it is otherwise called ” Kala Pani imprison”, it was built up by the Britisher’s. The majority of the general population there communicate in Bengali aside from that they additionally communicate in Telugu, Tamil and a large portion of them take after Hindu religion.

The world’s greatest turtle and scorpion was found in Andaman Nicobar. Likewise, unique kind oceanic creatures were discovered, for example, Dugong. Here looking for the financial reason for existing is illicit.


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