Akki’s Fan Threatened Another Woman & Asked Her To Delete Tweet. Here’s What The Actor Replied


Twitter has become a popular platform for celebrity related debates. Often, we see people fighting over their favorite stars on this micro-blogging platform. If not fights, people use the platform for trolling celebrities.

Something similar happened in case of Akshay Kumar too. Recently, he graced the GQ Style Awards, wherein he was received the GQ Legend Award 2018. It was indeed a proud moment for him, but some people spoiled it.

Well, he was seen wearing military pants; although he received appreciation from many, he couldn’t escape criticism from a lady Prerna Bakshi on Twitter.

Here’s what she said;

The tweet read,

“Akshay Kumar might have taken his love for the military too far. At this rate, he’s trying too hard to come across as a ‘nationalist’ 😹”

As soon as another Akshay Kumar fan saw this tweet, she sent her a personal message and asked her to delete it right away.

And Prerna shared that screenshot and said that Akshay Kumar fans always over react

In that, the lady had written, “Kisi ki respect karna nahi sikhaya? Aapke mata pita ne?

Akshay sir wala tweet delete kar do

Nai toh achha nahi hoga”

Another person tagged Akshay Kumar and slammed him;

Seeing this debate, Akshay Kumar had to intervene. This is what he tweeted,

His tweet read,

“Just because someone keeps your picture or profile name doesn’t necessarily make them your fans. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Respect is basic whether you’re a male or a female…my fan or not, a humble request 🙏🏻”

In all, he requested everyone to not disrespect opinions of others. Akshay said that if someone has put up his photo or name in his profile, it doesn’t mean he is a big fan.

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